Aerobatic Training 

Our commitment to you is to provide the highest quality aerobatic training while maintaining a safe and courteous learning environment. Your training program will always be tailored to your specific needs. Most students are interested in gaining confidence in their ability to recover from unplanned extreme attitudes and/or spins. Aerobatic Training is available in the Super Decathlon, Pitts, or in your aircraft if it is suitable for dual aerobatic instruction. It is not necessary to have a dedicated aerobatic airplane with inverted systems for upset recovery training, spin training or basic aerobatics. Above all, Wild Aerobatic's will always ensure that you are comfortable with the training and don't forget that the training experience will be FUN!

Spin/Upset Recovery Training
Designed to meet the FAA requirement for CFI spin training. Includes preflight and postflight discussion and approximately 45 minute flight focused on practicing spin entry and recovery. Must be at least a student pilot.
Cost: $200 Super Decathlon, $300 Pitts

Aerobatic Instruction
Learn how to perform loops, rolls, spins, inverted flight and more! Lesson includes preflight and postflight briefings and a flight of approximately 45 minutes.
Cost: $200 Super Decathlon, $300 Pitts

All training costs are effective 5-1-14 and are subject to change. We will make every attempt to post any cost changes as quickly as possible.