Super Decathlon
The Super Decathlon is an excellent aerobatic trainer and is capable of all Sportsman and Intermediate aerobatic figures. It is configured optimally for aerobatic flying with aerobatic sighting device, symmetric wing, full inverted fuel and oils systems, new factory metal wing, 180HP engine, Hooker 5-point aerobatic harnesses, skylight, airshow smoke system and aileron spades for easy rolls. Certified +6/-5 g, takeoff roll less than 500 feet, climbs at 1300 FPM.

Pitts S2-B
The two-place Pitts Special S-2B can be flown competitively in unlimited class competition. It is ideal for advanced aerobatic instruction and is our most popular model. 
Most students who have learned in slower, less responsive aerobatic aircraft find the Pitts simply requires less work to perform maneuvers accurately. Put simply, Pitts pilots have more fun!
The S-2B is obviously capable of highly advanced maneuvers, yet is easy enough to fly for pilots just beginning their aerobatic training.